About Us

At Blue Apps, we do only apps, and provide innovative technology and content solutions for your mobile projects with special expertise in taking traditional media content digital, including streaming and monetising your content by integrating international as well as mobile operator payment gateways.

Our team

Our team has over 50 years collective experience, and will work with you to develop solutions to help you increase your digital footprint, thus increasing your brand awareness and revenue base.


Mobile applications are the in-thing especially with the digital generation who cannot be
without their smartphones so if you don’t have an app, you should have one urgently.


If you have no idea where to start, don’t worry, we’ll work with you, taking baby steps, and explaining everything as we go such that at the end of the project, you will not only have an app, but would have gained enough knowledge to maximise the returns from the application. This includes involving you at every step including proposal and architecture, design and development, testing and going live.

We’ll still be there after the project is completed in case you need any help including assisting with marketing, app store optimization as well as analytics.


Content is king. And the right content is essential especially if your customers are technology wise, sophisticated, and media, internet and smartphone savvy. We have the right team of people with a lot of experience in writing for mobile platforms, who can tailor the content to suit your customer profile.